Wali Baï

The shallow water of the small pool (1,2 ha) of Wali baï may well be one of the best places to observe forest elephants. Because of its size, this forest clearing offers a great proximity with the wildlife from a safe, elevated viewing platform, in a breathtaking setting. Surrounded by forest, the baï is a place of restful tranquility, both for visitors and wildlife.
Tourism Experience
Tiptoe in so as not to scare off visitors of this unruffled, stunning baï, where elephants enjoy bathing in the low golden light. If lucky, you might also spot a family of buffalo and some rare birds and raptors.

The small viewing platform, a few meters high, offers a lovely view of the transparent waters reflecting the lush trees backdrop. Wait quietly for the sun to set to catch the shadows of the elephants that you may hear partying, splashing, and trumpeting during the night.

The morning mist also offers a soothing sight, before a pleasant walk back to Bomassa through a scenic stretch of forest in just under an hour.
It's possible to visit Wali bai for a few hours during the day, or for a longer spell as part of an overnight sleepout.
Species you could see
    Frequent visitors:
  • Forest elephants

  • Forest buffalos

    • Elusive visitors:
  • Bongos

    • Birds:
  • Fishing eagles

  • Finfoot

  • Hartlaub's duck

  • Good to know
    • On the side opposite to the viewing platform is Central African Republic. The baï is almost perfectly on the border.
    • The baï is not part of the Park, but Bomassa communities, conscious of its touristic potential, have agreed to avoid hunting anywhere close to the clearing not to disrupt wildlife.
    • Wali baï is actually part of a stream that flows through a flooded forest into the Sangha River.